Friday, 8 February 2013

Physio Update

Today was my second visit to the physio. I managed to book an early appointment for this visit which suits me better. Friday is one of my working from home days, so with an 8:30 appointment just a few minutes away from home there is minimal disruption to the working day.

One issue with having the first appointment of the day is that the systems don't seem to be in place to look after you. Being slightly anal about time keeping I arrived in good time for my appointment. On entering the medical centre I stood by the reception desk for a minute waiting to see what would happen.

Nothing did.

Since it was obvious that nothing was going to continue happening I decided to sit down and read a book on my kindle while it did so. There was no receptionist as it was too early. Voices could be heard in some of the other rooms as the physios got themselves ready for the day. A few times one of the physios even walked through the reception, but it was obviously beneath her to acknowledge my existence with the proper stamp of approval from someone on the front desk.

Eventually the physio I was waiting to see passed through the reception and was perfectly polite. She told me she would be ready in a couple of minutes and shortly she called me through for my appointment. The end result of the appointment was that everything is progressing, I need to keep doing the exercises and go back in another four weeks. Hopefully then I will be able to start some more dynamic exercises and continue my progression towards running.

As I was getting into my car to go home the receptionist was just pulling into the car park. Why start appointments at 8:30 and not have anyone there to greet them?

Anyway, time for my appointment with a stair.