Saturday, 13 January 2007

A slow week for training

In my profile my stated aim is, and I quote, "to fit triathlons around all my other commitments, like work, wife, and kids." After that I posed the rhetorical question "How hard can it be?" Well judging by the last week it can be very hard.

Work at the moment is very busy. In general it is good to be busy at work but there are limits. Currently I seem to spend most of my time reacting to problems and fire fighting, rather than getting on with the scheduled work that I am supposed to be doing. After a stressful day in the office I haven't really felt like training during the week. I still have the daily commute on the bike, but that doesn't really count.

It was my daughters birthday last weekend and we organised a party for her. Obviously that was great and really good fun but it took a lot of preparation and planning. You don't take on thirty-five six year old children lightly it needs to be planned with military precision. Of course no plan survives contact with the enemy so it never works out quite how you planned but you still need to do the preparation. Unfortunately the party then taking my daughter to see relatives ate up the weekend leaving no time for training.

That covers work and kids leaving just my wife who has left me. Just for the weekend, nothing major, she has gone on a trip with a group of her friends to say goodbye to one of them who is emigrating. So I am left with the children, not a problem I love my children and don't get to spend nearly enough time with them, but it does get in the way of training. The bike doesn't have mudguards, let alone two child seats. Think I need to get a turbo trainer.

All in all a slack period in my training, I did pop out on the bike for an hour on Friday lunch time but that is all the really training I have managed recently. I'm not managing to fir training around the more important parts of my life at all. I must try harder.

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