Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Danger Men at Work

On a well known triathlon chat forum recently I was defending the state of Britain’s roads. I was explaining how there are some roads that are in bad condition but there are some that are good. It is just a matter of finding the good ones. Additionally, I made the point that most of us probably don’t want to pay lots more taxes for the council to improve the minor roads that we prefer to cycle along. What reward did I get for this defence of Britain’s road maintenance personnel?

· One of the roads that I commute along has been closed while a factory is being built next to it. I now have to either ride through the cones and along the foot path or go along a very busy dual carriageway and round a very bike unfriendly roundabout.

· Further along my commute route a road has been tar sprayed. A layer of hot tar is put down then loads of gravel is dumped on to it. After a while all the cars driving along the road bed in some of the gravel and the rest is cleaned off. Until then the road is very frightening on a bike with skinny tyres.

· On my favourite training route, towards my local hill, they have tar sprayed another road. This road is very close to home and is on most of my training routes so it is a real pain. I can’t get to my hill!

I know soon the tar sprayed roads will be passable again, though I think the road past the factory is going to take longer, but the timing of this was just perfect. Just as I comment on the topic they mess up all the roads I want to ride on. I will have to remain positive and look at it as an excuse to find some new routes.

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