Friday, 3 August 2007

Race day tomorrow

It's the London triathlon tomorrow.

First open water triathlon (first open water swim in a wetsuit actually) and I am totally prepared. At least that's what I keep telling myself. Hopefully by tomorrow I will have myself convinced.

I am sure I will feel happier once I get to the ExXel Centre, get signed in, and get my bike racked. That in itself has proven to be a bit of a dilemma. How do I get to the start of the race? I don't much fancy driving into central London, getting round the road closures, and finding somewhere to park. So that leaves the train. Fine that is a journey I do everyday to get to work. Except that gets me as far as Waterloo Station but then what? How do you get a bike across London?

This has been widely discussed at work with some of my colleagues who are also racing tomorrow and various options have been considered:

1) Take the bikes on the tube - bikes on tubes are very restricted and we can't get where we need to be.
2) Meet up at Waterloo and hire a van to deliver our bikes to the start while we take the tube.
3) Take the bikes in taxis.
4) Use the DLR - this is the train line that goes right where we need to go but of course doesn't take bikes.

In the end we have gone with the obvious option - ride the bikes to the start. This isn't really ideal as it is a 7 mile ride through central London and we will of course need to carry our wetsuits, trainers, etc. But it should server as a good warm up. We need to get the bikes racked by 12:00 and don't race for a few hours afterwards so we should have time to recover.

Anyway, enough of this chat I should be getting plenty of rest ready for tomorrow.

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