Saturday, 16 August 2008

Nice Nails!

It has been a quiet week for training as I get back into the swing of things after my holiday. I have been doing my normal bike and run commute to work and some swimming but not a lot else. My feet have also been attracting a lot of attention. Which sounds strange but there is a reason. Let me explain.

One day while I was holiday last week, my daughter and nieces started doing facials for my sisters. They after running out of women to run stuff on they demanded that my brother-in-law and I submit ourselves to their will. Unfortunately this was relatively late in the day and we had drunk one or two beers, so we agreed. While I was lying on the bed with gunk on my face and cucumber on my eyes I felt something touching my feet. It was obvious from the giggles that something was going on, but I was in a holiday mood and the girls were having fun so I let them get on with it. Once the goo was cleaned off my face and I could open my eyes I looked at my feet and saw my toe-nails had been varnished, all different colours. Everyone thought it was very funny and my son even volunteered to have his toes done.

Now comes the problem. My wife and daughter don't paint their nails so we don't have any nail varnish remover at home. So my son and I still have painted nails. This has caused a lot of odd looks in the swimming pool and the changing rooms at work. There is no-one I really know there though so the reaction has been restricted to sideways glances and odd looks. Yesterday I went down to Weymouth for a sea swim and met up with the normal group that swims there on a Friday night. This produced loads of comments on the nails. As I was waiting in the car park with my wetsuit on a couple of guys I used to play rugby with turned up. They have both taken up triathlon and at Wimbleball this year they qualified for the World Championship in Florida, well done guys. More importantly, they didn't notice my painted nails. That is something that it is best the rugby club doesn't find out about.

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