Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Heart Rate Zones

While I have been feeling under the weather this week I have not been training. Instead I have spent some time in the evenings trying to put together some sort of training plan and looking at ways to make my training more effective. One of the areas I have been paying particular attention to is heart rate zones and how to calculate the right zone for the required training effect. This has partly been brought about by my long run sessions on Clapham Common where every man and his dog is going faster than me because I am trying to stick to a certain zone.

So my question is, how does everyone calculate their heart rate zones?

Most of the methods I have found don't really seem to give me zones that feel right to me. Hence my long run feeling so slow and easy. It is certainly not because I am super-fit, I am not, I am begining to think it is because I am not working in the correct zone. I am considering going to somewhere like vo2fortri to get a proper test done so that I know I getting the most benefit possible from the training I do. To be honest it is only the price that is putting me off at the moment, £135 buys a lot of cakes.

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