Sunday, 7 December 2008

Geek Alert

In spite of my athletic nature, my love of physical activity and my rugged good looks (please allow some artistic license here) the truth is I am a geek. Yes, I work in IT and enjoy playing with computers in my free time as well. That is why I use Google Analytics on my blog. This may not seem interesting but stick with me.

Google Analytics allows you to put a token on each of your webpages that gets logged everytime it is loaded into someones browser. It doesn't do anything nasty it just allows me to see how many people have been viewing my blog and how they found it. For some reason I had a spike of visitors on the 2nd and 3rd of December.

Digging further into the information it showed that all these additional visitors came from TriTalk. While I do put the occasional comment on their forums, I haven't posted anything on there for a while and I have never had much traffic from them. Sadly I can't dig any further to see exactly where all the visitors came from. I would love to see whether it was all from one comment in a thread, but that level of detail is not available. Which is annoying as the geek in me has a real need to find out.


Richard said...

I was one of those people from tritalk and am also going for Ironman UK in 09 (fingers crossed), just waiting for registration to open :)

MikeyB said...

The Ironman UK website says registration opens on Friday for those people that have pre-registered. Though they still don't know when or where it is going to be.