Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow fun running in this

Loads of fun and games today.

I was up at 04:30 for my normal Monday morning drive to London. Except of course it wasn't quite so normal this morning due to the snow. There was a light sprinkling on the ground as I left the village and as I headed to London it gradually got worse. To be honest it never got that bad on the main roads though. The last part of the journey into Central London was a bit slushy and the whole trip took a lot longer than usual but, despite all the dire predictions, I made it.

Once I reached the flat I then had the fun of getting the last few km into work. In general I cycle on a Monday. I didn't fancy that on skinny little tyres today though so I ran in. So I now have a new record for the slowest run into work ever. Matched only by my lack of speed on the way home. Unless something drastic happens and there is a sudden heat wave during the day tomorrow I don't fancy going for my long run in the evening. So it looks like I could be quite a bit down on my training hours for this week.

Oh well, I was probably due a rest week anyway. I think it is going to be better taking it easy for a week rather than risking injuring myself in all this ice and snow.

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