Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Christmas is coming and the triathlete is getting fat

Everything seems to be conspiring to affect my training at the moment. Winter in Britain is not conducive to training for triathlons. The days are short leaving chance for training in daylight. Combined with the cold wet weather I find it really difficult to motivate myself to get out and run or ride.

Riding on the wet muddy roads is not my idea of fun either. Since I have only just started riding a bike again recently I am still not particularly confident. Descents down the narrow windy lanes where I live are still a nerve wracking experience for me. However on Christmas Eve I did manage to get out for a really nice ride. I have mainly been riding in London where I am during the week but this ride was out in the lanes around my home in Somerset, a very different proposition. The route I chose was not ideal, some of the lanes were extremely muddy and slippery, but it was very quiet. For the hour and a half that I was riding I think I saw about five cars, rather different to Blackfriars Bridge in rush hour.

Added to these obstacles and demotivating factors is Christmas. At the time of the year when it is hardest to train the house is full of chocolate, wine, beer, and lovely fattening snacks. Every meal is an excuse to sit down to a weeks worth of food and drink and stuff yourself until it hurts. I'm not really complaining, I do enjoy it, I don't want to appear as a Scrooge like figure saying "Bah Humbug!" to Christmas but it is not helping my performance at all.

Oh well, in a few days the Christmas period will be over and the New Year will have begun. Then it's down to me to get myself out and train. No excuses - I've got targets to hit and races to run.

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