Friday, 2 February 2007

Things could be worse

I ended my last entry to this blog with "Given a choice between that and the hill I would take the hill any day". Well I am really looking forward to visiting my hill this weekend. It has been a really painful week at work and unfortunately my training has suffered. When things are bad at work it just makes things even harder than usual.

Like a lot of people I tend to fall into certain traps when I things get bad at work. All the usual things like comfort eating, not training, disturbed sleep. And this week has certainly been bad. A friend asked me on Thursday "have you had a good day". Big mistake. Looking back I think she was just making conversation and didn't actually want to know the ins and outs of my office politics and all the things that had gone wrong that day. I did tell her that the best thing that had happened to me all week was that I nearly got knocked off my bike riding to work. It was the best thing because it only nearly happened. Everything else that could go wrong this week did.

By the way the near miss was caused by a motorbike overtaking me and filtering left when I was going straight on over Blackfriars Bridge. Earlier in the week another cyclist was killed by a lorry in a similar accident about 100m away (don't tell my wife she worries enough as it is). It puts things into perspective though, someones family and friends have far more to be upset about this week than a few problems at work.

I am looking forward to some fresh air and steeps hills this weekend to clear my head and maybe a couple of beers to cloud it again,

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Anonymous said...

enjoying reading your blog. keep up the good work (sorry didn't mean to mention work) ... any pictures of 'the hill'?