Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Coughs and colds

This blog is supposed to be charting my progress in the world of triathlon as I reach goal after goal and transform from a lumbering rugby player into triathlon racing snake. Unfortunately it currently seems to be charting my on-going excuses for not training. After the stress of the last couple of weeks, compounded I think by eating very badly I now have a really bad cold. If it was just a runny nose and sore throat I would carry on but this is a proper coughing up bits of lung cold.

So no big hills at the weekend. I did gently ride to the bottom of the hill on Saturday in glorious sunshine. Then I turned round and went home. Since I didn't intend to go up the hill I don't think that shows any mental weakness. In fact when I got to the bottom I wanted to have a go up it but I think it would have done me more harm than good.

I need to start taking my vitamins and eating properly. At this rate I am never going to be fit enough to manage a decent length triathlon. Perhaps I also need to look into methods for boosting my immune system and avoiding these bugs - they are a real pain.

My chest has been so bad that I have not even been cycling to work. I have been driving to the station then walking across London which makes me feel very lazy. I am starting to feel much better today, still coughing but not as much and hopefully I will be able to get back to the training soon. However this weekend I am going down to Cornwall and won't get a chance to get out on the bike. So I shall take my trainers and see if I can fit in a couple of runs. Luckily I know a great hill to run up, north side of course!

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