Thursday, 15 March 2007

Back in the saddle

The cold is gone, the back is better, and I am back in the saddle. It has been a really nice week to be able to get back on the bike. Riding to work in the sunshine the past two days has been really nice and I would have been dissapointed to have missed it. I can just about cope with missing the last few weeks of dreary, grey weather.

When I came up to a set of traffic lights on red today I stopped and sat up. This is almost remarkable itself in London but I did stop at a red light. When I sat up I got a blast of sunshine over the top of a building and the sudden unexpected warmth was gorgeous. It was so tempting to just sit there for the rest of the day basking in the first real sunshine of the year but the taxis and buses beeping their horns soon put an end to that idea.

I am not sure whether it is the unusually good weather, the release of being able to train again after a month off, or even the prospect of my holiday in a couple of weeks but everything seems so much better this week. Even all the hassles and troubles at work can't get me down at the moment. Other people seem much happier as well so maybe it is the lovely weather. At lunchtime I sat and ate my Thai curry outside in the park. It was warm enough to sit there in the sun in my shirtsleeves without a coat. The park was very busy with cheerful people sitting in the sun. Bliss.

The weather forecast says snow this weekend. Marvelous!


Karen said...

Hi Mike, glad you're back in the saddle so to speak! I had 7 weeks out of training and just getting back to it myself and am surprised to say that it's coming back quicker then I thought. So stick with it is what I say - do you have your first races entered? I'm pretty sure if I hadn't already entered London and Blenheim I would have found it harder starting again but as it is they are in pen in the calender! Good luck and keep taking those vits and try some berries - a smoothy a day keeps the doctor away! Cheers,Karen

MikeyB said...

The only race I have booked at the moment is London. Work have a complete wave in the sprint so I will be doing that. I will book some more races when I get back from holiday.