Monday, 12 March 2007

Hooray! I have finally managed to get out for a run.

It wasn't far and it wasn't fast but it was a run. This morning I ran from the train station to work and this evening I made the run in the other direction. It didn't feel very comfortable and I found it a struggle to go at a reasonable speed. It is amazing just how quickly you can lose your levels of fitness. After four weeks of doing nothing and eating lots of junk I am not in the best shape of my life.

On the plus side I know that once I get going properly I will quickly get my fitness back to a reasonable level. I find it is not so hard to achieve a certain level of fitness second time round. Though I do know I am not going to be at the stage I wanted to be at the start of the season.
My family is also going to be pleased that I am out training again. I know that I have been very grumpy for the last few weeks and not too pleasant to live with. Hopefully once I am getting my daily dose of endorphins I will be a more cheerful person.

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