Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Bizarre injuries

Well my chest is feeling much better finally. Today is probably the first day for a month when I really feel it is well enough for me to recommence my triathlon training program. However just when I thought I was going to be able to pull back from the brink of madness and get back out there I have picked up a really bizarre injury.

Since I was a small boy I have played sports, mainly contacts sports such as rugby and football and taken part in adventurous activities. I have regularly given and received bone crunching tackles, jumped out of planes and helicopters, run around in the middle of the night with loaded weapons, and that type of thing. In that time I have received numerous bumps and scrapes but nothing major. After all this I considered myself a physically tough person. So admitting the source of my injury is rather embarrassing.

I have put my back out watching ballet.

That to me is so bizarre and unbelievable that it needs to be repeated.

I have put my back out watching ballet.

Watching ballet is not something I generally do, perhaps that is why my body is not used to it and it has had this effect on me. If you are wondering how someone can hurt their back watching ballet, well don't ask me because I really don't know. My six year old daughter was in a ballet show at the weekend and being a dutiful parent I felt compelled to go and watch. After two hours sat watching my back was in agony. This has now died down to a dull ache, flaring up only if I do anything silly like move.

It really is the straw that breaks the camels back if you will excuse the pun. A month of no training has ruined my hard work in the off season and caused me to put on loads of weight. I go on holiday in a few weeks so by the start of the triathlon season I should be really fat and slow.

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