Saturday, 12 May 2007

Oh the pain.....

A wonderful run through idyllic countryside today. Fluffy bunnies hopping across the lanes in front of me as I ran along. Birds singing in the trees. Nature springing into life everywhere. Yes it was a bit wet and windy but I had a really wonderful hour plodding along watching everything. I even managed my normal run in a really good time.

All in all a really enjoyable productive session.

But now, oh the pain.....

I have a terrible headache, it feels like my ear drums are going to burst and I keep seeing the most horrible flashing lights and strange visions floating in front of my eyes.

What is the point of the Eurovision Song Contest and why is my wife spoiling my day by forcing me to watch it? Time to open the wine, I can't cope with this sober.

1 comment:

Karen said...

:o) That did make me chuckle out loud. Your wife is cruel. I hope Terry and the wine entertained you enough!