Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Back to the hill

I have returned to the hill so I am officially back in training now. Had a really nice ride at the weekend. Two and a half hours of whizzing around in the countryside. Brilliant!

The hill was very hard work and felt as bad as it did the first time I did it. There was lots of puffing and blowing and some thoughts of stopping but I managed to grind my way to the top. As usual it was a great feeling to make it all the way up. Once at the top of the hill I follow a road along the top of a ridge which is a wonderful ride, lovely views and quite fast. Once I reached the end of the ridge road I ended up on a horrible bit of main road. Rough, bumpy tarmac. Cars and lorries flying past. Not much fun at all, thankfully it was only for a couple of miles then I turned off again onto some smaller back roads. Then it was back along country lanes past banks full of gorgeous white and purple flowers.

At the end of the ride I virtually fell off the bike and crawled inside to eat. Nutrition is something I know I need to work on after the excesses off my recent holiday, but I have got it organised yet. So my post ride recovery food included things like pork pie. Think I need to work on that a bit. but it feels good to be back.


Karen said...

Mike - glad to see you're back on the bike - what race have you entered?! There must be some purpose to this madness (or so I like to kid myself!?!)

Have a good one!

MikeyB said...

Thanks for reminding me of two things I needed on my to-do list:

1) Add a race list to the blog
2) Book some more races.

Step one is done, now I need to find some races.