Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Funny old week

It has been a very busy, quite odd few days.

My Mum stayed with me over the weekend so I didn't get much chance to train and any slight chances I had I didn't take. So I missed my swimming class for the second week in a row and the only exercise I had was walking the dog between downpours on Sunday. It was of course wonderful to see my Mum, I don't get to see her anywhere near enough. We had a lovely time, visited some places like Secret World and just spent some quality time together.

Then on Monday we had to have one of our ponies put to sleep. This was expected as Jimmy had been ill for a while but that doesn't make these things any easier. Obviously everyone was very upset about it and it cast a shadow over the whole weekend. Our other pony, Molly, is currently away at a stud in Devon so hopefully in 11 months we will have a new arrival. It wasn't planned to be timed quite this way but it really is a circle of life situation. I just hope the new pony is half as good as Jimmy was.

All this week I am on a course at work so that is getting in the way of my training as well. It means I am even later than normal getting home in the evening and really don't feel like doing anything else. Lunchtime swims are out as well. I think I am just going to write this week off and start again at the weekend.

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