Tuesday, 19 June 2007

The Sun Shines on the Righteous

I very nearly didn’t have a lovely ride today. While I was sat on the train home from Waterloo an announcement came over the speakers “Sorry for the delay in this train leaving. This is being caused by lightning strikes around Woking.” Hmm, things didn’t look good for my ride when I got home.

Eventually the train left about ten minutes later. Later in the journey just before my stop there was another announcement. “This is a warning for passengers leaving this train at the next stop. Please take care as there is torrential rain and forked lightning in the area.” At that point the sky went even darker than it had been and the rain started to pour down. It was a proper torrent, the sort of rain that wouldn’t have been out of place in Brunei when I was there earlier in the year. At this point my planned ride was looking very dodgy.

When I got off at my station there rain had reduced to a steady drizzle and I got on my bike for the ride home. All the way home I was thinking do I or don’t I go for a ride. With every flash of lightning I thought no, shortly followed by don’t be such a wimp get out and ride. Eventually, as I was in the garage at home I decided on a compromise. I dropped my bag off and headed out for a short interval session around a little local loop. That way I figured I would stay nice and close to home in case it got really bad.

The minute I made that decision the rain stopped, so I took a risk and left the waterproof jacket in the garage. I did a few intervals around the little loop I had chosen and slowly gradually the sun came out. It was so nice I decided to head out for a longer ride after I had finished my interval session. It was lovely and quiet, I barely saw any cars. There was no wind at all and it was a lovely ride. As I was coming home the sky started to get dark again and I thought I was in for a soaking but it stayed dry until about five minutes after I got in the door. Perfect!

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