Friday, 30 November 2007

Pasties and beer

After work today I am heading down to Cornwall to visit my family. This is likely to be another block on my training. As I dedicated athlete I will of course be taking my running kit and I will do my best to get out for a few miles but the chances are not good. The only chance I will get to do any training will be early in the morning. However the quantities of beer, wine, and brandy consumed in the evenings tend to make mornings a relatively subdued affair on these family visits. To be perfectly honest I can't see myself getting up early and going running but I really will try.

On the plus side my sister is phoning the local pasty shop so we can get some frozen pasties to import back into England. You can get an OK pasty at Waterloo station and I quite often do. But they don't compare to Philps pasties from Hayle so when I get back to Cornwall I normally try and bring some frozen ones back. Pop them in the freezer and cook them off when ever you want - wonderful.

I appreciate that the link between pasties and triathlon is tenuous to say the least but I am sure if I didn't have such a love for them I would be much thinner and my times would improve.

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