Friday, 11 January 2008

Back in training

So Christmas is over and I am back in training. I say back in training because for the last two (or four) weeks I have not been very consistent with my exercise. But I have had a great time.

For Christmas I decided to take two weeks off work. The first week of this was spent staying with my sister-in-law in sunny Ireland. Alright, so it wasn't sunny but I did have a great time. We drank too much, ate too much, stayed up too late, and did all the things you shouldn't do. Towards the end of the week I did manage to drag myself out for a run. It was meant to be a nice easy run but according to the Garmin my heart rate was 10beats higher than it should have been and my pace was about 25 seconds per KM slower than it should have been. Personally I blame the turkey (not the Guinness).

My second week off was spent at home in Somerset doing not very much at all, which was wonderful. The closest I got to training was going to the swimming pool with the kids where I managed about six lengths spread out over the hour we were there.

This week however I am back in training. All the Christmas chocolate has been eaten and the cupboards have returned to their normal bare state so the weight will soon be back under control. Fitness levels have of course dropped while I have not been training but I am sure it won't take long to get back to the level I was before Christmas. Right now though it hurts.

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