Monday, 14 January 2008

Turbo Power

This weekend I finally got round to using one of my Christmas presents from my wonderful wife. A lovely new turbo trainer. Not having used one before it did feel a bit odd to begin with. Sitting in my conservatory pedaling like mad and getting nowhere is just strange. However I think the turbo trainer is going to be a very useful tool. Given a choice I would rather be out on the road on a nice sunny day but this is the UK in winter and nice sunny days are few and far between.

Even better than the protection from the elements is the fact that it is going to be much easier to fit around my life. My first session on the trainer was while my wife was up the road looking after the horses and I was at home looking after the children. The children thought it was funny to see me working away but then they take any opportunity they get to laugh at me, the little devils!

On a more down note work a sponsoring a wave in the London Triathlon again this year and are also subsiding entries for staff members. Which is all good except that I am going to be on holiday that weekend. It is a big family holiday with my parents and sisters along with assorted spouses and children. With some of my family living overseas this will be the first time some of us have met in the flesh for years so it will be wonderful.

I still want to do London again though!

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