Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Coach Troy turbo power

My last (first) time on the turbo trainer I just pottered along trying to get used to the sensation of pedalling my bike inside my house. I put in a few harder efforts and the odd sprint just to try and get the feel of things. This weekend I decided to have a more constructive session. So I moved the laptop out to the conservatory and put on a DVD while I had another go on the trainer.

In went the DVD I got for Christmas and off I pedalled. Sadly I didn't choose my new Monty Python DVD but I went for the Spinervals one instead. I have heard a lot of people talking about these as a training aid while they are on the turbo but this was the first time I have actually seen one. I must say it was actually quite good. In time I am sure that Coach Troy will become very irritating but for the moment I can tolerate him. It is better than nothing and certainly helps give some purpose and structure to the session.

One tip I have picked up with the turbo is to make sure you clean your tyres before you use it. Since I cycle through London regularly my tyres tend to pick up loads of glass, stones, and other rubbish. The hard roller on the turbo seems to be extremely good at forcing these bits of glass through the tyre to cause punctures.

What I really need is a spare back wheel with a turbo trainer specific tyre on it. That idea needs to make it past my financial controller though and she is sure the money would be better spent on horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.


Karen said...

Hey Mikey! Glad you left a comment as I've been searching for your blog (unsuccessfully!) since my last laptop died and took it's bookmarks with it!

Congrats on the spinerval... I've only done one once right when I got my turbo last year - it nearly killed me and frankly I've been too scared to try again since!!! LOL!!!

Karen said...

Blimey - just seen your 400m split time "swimming is my weakest" PAH! It was fast before but now sub 7 - I can but dream.... I AM NOW GOING TO GO FIND THAT SAME SWIM SMOOTH DVD I GOT!!! Get with the programme Gallantry, get with the programme.....as soon as I get back from my snowboarding holiday in Feb ;o)

MikeyB said...

Swimming is my weakest, not terrible, just weakest. The sub 7 minute 400m was just for a swim time trail, I could not have got out of the pool for a few minutes after, let alone carried on to finish a triathlon.

I recommend the DVD though, it is really helping me (http://www.swimsmooth.com/).