Sunday, 17 February 2008

Boring, but fine

Training is going well at the moment. I am swimming regularly and doing plenty of running. My biking is slightly short at the moment and I could do with increasing my mileage but that will be easier when the weather starts getting warmer.

The downside to everything going OK is that it doesn't leave me much to write about. Nothing interesting anyway. There are hundreds of things I could write about work but this blog is not the place for that.

To be honest the only vaguely interesting, vaguely triathlon related thing I can think of to write about is the disastrous bike ride I had today. I was all set ready to go and I suggested to my training partner that we head up my nasty hill and go for a nice 50K spin. He gave me his normal pitying look and said "Daddy stop being silly". Well he is only eight.

So we headed off on a route that we quite often follow, though we haven't been out for a few weeks. Off we went through the village and then disaster struck. We got to the pub and there was a sign on the door saying that until easter they would be closing at 4:00 on Sunday. I looked at my watch and it was 4:15. A training session ruined.

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