Monday, 25 February 2008

Old but not wise

The pain has died down to a general overall ache now but for the last two days I have been very uncomfortable. No sympathy required though as it is my own fault. In a moment of weakness I allowed myself to be convinced that playing a game of rugby would be a good idea. At my age I should know better. It was for my local veterans team so none of us were spring chickens but some how we had all been made to think running around tackling each other was a good idea.

To be fair while we were running around tackling each other it was great fun. It was also great to see some old faces down at the rugby club, some of which I hadn't seen for a number of years. All the trouble started once the game was over. Firstly, there was the traditional rugby players recovery drink. Beer! When I was playing more seriously I didn't start straight on the beer after a game so why did I think it was a good recovery plan on Saturday? England having an evening game was also very poor planning as that required several glasses of wine while watching (I was at home by this point with no access to beer).

My recovery strategy worked quite well up to a point. That point was at about 4:00am when I rolled over in bed. By this point beer and wine were no longer working and virtually every joint in my body seemed to have seized up. I had no injuries, apart from a couple of minor scrapes, but I could hardly move and it was impossible to get comfortable for more than a couple of minutes. I also had a slight headache for some reason. For the rest of the night I didn't manage to sleep for more than about 10 minutes at a stretch.

My children thought it was great fun to have wrestling matches with daddy on Sunday, knowing full well that I was a sitting (actually most of the time lying) target. They also had a wonderful game of "does it hurt when I do this?" To which the answer was invariably yes. Unfortunately, I suspect I may have taught my children this game, so I can't really complain too much.

Understandably, I have not done any training for the last two days. However tomorrow morning I am going swimming, regardless of whether I feel sore or not. I think a swim may actually help me feel better.


Tribrit said...

Hi there, found you via Karen. Yet another Brit who lives in an old stomping ground of mine. It is hardly surprising that I ended up in Florida, I ran out of places to live in the UK.
Haven't seen a decent game of rugby since I got here - "they" converted to to "football"! Totally get the game with the kids though - sound like our house. Sure, jump on Mummy - no, legs hurt, arms hurt, perhaps if I just lie still????

Tribrit said...

I really need to double check my posts before I hit send! They converted me to football and it sounds like our house!!
Nice to know that University education wasn't wasted (ROFL)

MikeyB said...

It took me 10 days to totally recover from that game. I can't believe I used to do that every week.