Thursday, 10 April 2008

Langport Application is in

Today I finally managed to get an application form for the 15th Langport Triathlon. This is probably my most local triathlon apart from the Sherborne Ironman which I am not quite mad enough to enter (yet). However, I have not yet managed to enter the event. It seems to sell out very quickly and every year I have to look at the list of names I know in the results and hear all the stories from my friends without being involved myself.

This year I am trying to be more organised with events and this is one I really want to take part in. Applications for Langport are supposed to have opened on 1st April, and I had a reminder set in my calendar for that date. Since then I have been checking the official website daily, have been scouring the Internet for ways to enter online and have also sent an email to the organisers. The website is still not showing any thing about entry for this year, but I have received an email with an entry form attached. The form has been filled out and sent straight off; surely I am going to get a place this year.

Apart from that training is going OK. Blogging is very badly. My wife gets the blame for this, every time I sit down with the laptop I end up playing the game she brought me for Christmas. Thankfully, I am very close to finishing it and hope to start being productive again soon.


Anonymous said...

Any idea what the official website is...I can't even find that ! thanks.

MikeyB said...

The official site that I was looking at is but there is still no application form on there.

But your best bet is to email asking for an application form.