Tuesday, 15 April 2008

SportTracks Update

Since I brought my Garmin Forerunner 305 I have been using SportTracks to log my training and analyze my workouts. The Forerunner is a very useful tool, recording heart-rate, distance, speed etc during exercise. Recently I have noted a problem with the speed information when I am relying on the speed information from the cadence sensor on the bike.

The cadence sensor is mounted on my bike and uses a magnet on the crank to monitor pedaling rate, it also uses a magnet mounted on the back wheel to monitor speed. Most of the time the Garmin does not rely on the speed information from the sensor as it uses GPS to calculate this information. Obviously, when using the turbo trainer the GPS signal isn't much use as I am not actually moving which is where the information from the cadence sensor comes in.

The problem was that SportTracks was showing my speed for the session as a flat line; the distance covered was correct (as per the Garmin) but the speed just showed an average speed throughout the whole session. I poked around on the SportTracks website and found they released Version 2 earlier this year. After backing-up my data, I upgraded and re-imported the data left in the Garmin. I now have proper speed information for my turbo sessions. Wonderful.

Since I work in IT you would think I know to keep my applications up-to-date.

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