Wednesday, 23 April 2008


I looked out of the window this morning before I set off on my run to work and I decided to risk it. Of course, I was soaked by the time I got to work. But, no matter, the run home through the park this evening in the sunshine made up for it. Also, I had a good running session in the sun yesterday after work so I shouldn't really complain. It is only April after all, a couple of weeks ago we had snow, so a drop of rain is no big deal.

Yesterday's session was particularly nice as I did some intervals around a local park. It is very therapeutic after a busy, frustrating day at work to forget your cares for a while as you run fast. It just isn't possible to stress about work when it takes all your focus just to keep going and not slow down until the end of the interval.

This evenings session, while pleasant enough, was a slow slog around the park. Going at a slower pace gives me far too much time to think and if I am not careful I end up with the days events and frustrations going round and round in my head making me even more stressed than when I started. I caught myself doing this tonight before it was too late and managed to switch my mental track to something else, so I am not stressed now, just tired after three runs in two days.

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