Friday, 23 May 2008

I have lost my bottle

Well the truth is I never actually had a bottle and that is the problem.

On Wednesday morning I did my normal double run day. This is a fairly short 6.5K run to work in the morning, followed by a longer run home in the evening. Obviously, my flat isn't further away in the evening, I just take a different route and include some loops around the park to add a bit of extra distance. Recently I have started to increase the length of the run home, just by a little bit each week, so this week it took 1.5 hours.

This week the run was finally in some lovely weather. It was great at the start, trundling through the crowds of commuters in Central London. Then running round the park with kids playing, people sitting in the sun, groups playing football and all the other British summer park life (men on benches drinking Special Brew, things like that). All was good with the world.

However, as I continued run in circles around the park I started to feel more and more tired. Not unusual when you go running I know, but I was going at a nice slow tempo that I should have been able to keep up for hours. Every step seemed to take more and more effort and it was not until my last lap around the lake, when I briefly considered sticking my head in and taking a drink, that I finally realised what the problem was. I didn't have anything to drink during the run and I was dehydrating. This realisation didn't actually help as I still needed to get home before I could do anything to address the problem.

Once I got home, drank a couple of pints of water straight down and scraped the white goo off my lips I was fine again. But that brings me back to the point of this post - I need a bottle. Before I go for my next long run in the sun I need to get something to take fluid in so that I don't go through this again. I have bike bottles but they don't look like they would be comfortable for carrying while running. So I guess I need to get a running specific bottle, like the ones with a hole in the middle. I think I feel another trip to Tri UK coming on, just don't look at the bikes.

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