Wednesday, 28 May 2008

New bike

At the weekend I finally took the plunge and headed to Tri UK to buy a new bike. This is not something that can be rushed so it involved lots of time looking around the shop and slowly whittling down the list of suitable bikes. Plenty of time had already been spent looking on-line and in other shops so even when the short-list of bikes in the shop had been reduced to one there was still the question of whether a different bike from somewhere else would be a more suitable bike or better value. After much consideration the decision was made and the bike there in the shop was chosen.

The bike in question is a Giant MTX 225 FS. This may be a bike you haven't heard of so let me give you some of the specs:

Frame: Aluminium
Seat Post: Aluminium
Saddle: Giant
Shifters: SRAM MRX
Front Mech: Shimano
Rear: Shimano Tourney
Wheels: 24"
Fork: Suspension

Full details can be found here: Giant MTX 225 FS

In case you think the link is wrong or I have gone totally mad, I would just like to say that my son is currently a very happy little boy.

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