Friday, 2 May 2008

Who Ate All The Pies?

Judging from my last couple of post, you could be forgiven for thinking that it is currently the middle of winter. However, it is not. I know this because my race details for Dorchester Triathlon arrived today and it is only nine days away. As per usual, I don't feel ready and I am sure I am not properly prepared, but it is too late to change things now.

One thing I have done is buy myself a new tri-suit. My old suit has not done many races and still has plenty of life left in it but it is not a great fit. It was brought off the Internet (very cheaply) when I started with this daft idea of taking part in triathlons and obviously I couldn't try it on before I brought it. It is particularly tight over the shoulders which isn't great for swimming, so this time I trundled down to Tri UK and tried a couple on to make sure I got a good fit. When you are talking about skin-tight Lycra a good fit is, of course, a relative term.

My tri-suit fit is not helped by my weakness for pies. I am trying to keep it under control and have been good for most of 2008, but it only takes a small slip and I can consume enough pies to undo all my good work. At this precise moment things are not being helped by all the baking that is going on downstairs. Resisting cakes is easy for me when I don't have any in the house. When the house is full of them and everyone else is eating them, it is a different story.

iTunes is set to Party Shuffle at the moment, so it plays a random selection of my meagre music collection. It decided to play Willie Dixon "Built for Comfort" while I was writing this; I swear it knows what I am typing. I am expecting it to play "300 Pounds Of Joy" any second now.

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