Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Long run success

Today was long run day, isn't amazing how quickly the days seem to fly by some weeks. Since I felt ill after both my last long runs I wasn't really looking forward to the run home today, but it actually went ok.

At lunch time I went to Runners Need and picked up a couple of things including some berry Nuun since feeling ill after running has coincided with switching flavours. Then after work I toddled off for a little jaunt around Clapham Common. It seemed quieter this week than last week, possibly because I was there an hour or so earlier. The aussie rules footballers were only just arriving as I was leaving the Common. There were still quite a few people running about though, plus the British Military Fitness people jumping about in their numbered bibs.

Since I was looking out specifically for stomach issues I noticed about 1:15 into the run that I was starting to feel not quite right. Nothing major, just a slightly uncomfortable feeling that was quite probably there last week but ignored. However, this time I reduced my drinking and it seemed to subside. Then I managed to keep the feeling under control by just drinking sparingly for the rest of the run. On the last couple of runs I have finished both the small bottles that I carry, this time I finished about one and a third bottles. So maybe the problem was drinking too much, though the amounts involved are fairly small. The bottles I carry are 10oz each which adds up to about 0.6 litres which doesn't seem a lot for a 1.45hr run. It is possible I just need to practice drink while running to get myself used to it.

Anyway I was very glad to finish the run feeling reasonably ok and I was able to eat a nice plate of fresh pasta.

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