Saturday, 21 June 2008

Nauseating Exercise

The run route I have been using for my long mid-week run has become rather boring. On my long run day I run to work in the morning, which is about 6.5k, and then do a longer run on the way home in the evening. Obviously I can't make my flat further away from work for the run home so I have been doing laps around a park that is part of the way home. Since I have been slowly increasing the length of my long runs this has involved more and more laps around the park and I have become quite bored of seeing the same thing again and again. So this week I decided to take a different route.

My new route was from the city, out to Clapham Common, a couple of laps round the Common, then back to the flat. Which should be about 18k in total. In my normal park there are always groups of people playing football but Clapham Common was something else. It was crowded with people getting their exercise in different ways. There was the obvious choice of playing football. There were groups who made the far more sensible choice of touch rugby. In one area was an organised game of aussie rules football. One person was flying a big power kite. Numerous groups were running round in numbered bibs being "encouraged" by guys in boots and combat trousers, which I assume was British Military Fitness, that one brought back memories. Last, and by no means least, there were loads of people just running round and round the park in circles. From what I saw, the idea that 90% of the UK are obese couch potatoes who never exercise seems just plain wrong. Maybe there is hope for the country yet.

On a more personal note I am having trouble with nausea after my long runs. Last week I inreased the distance from 16K to 18K, which seems like a fairly modest sensible increase to me. However, after the run I felt really nauseous and couldn't eat anything for the rest of the night. For me that is very unusual. At the time I put it down to something I ate, since I have to eat my own cooking during the week that seemed quite plausible. However this week I ran roughly the same distance in about the same time and again I felt ill after the run. During the run I felt fine, well not nauseous at least. But once I stopped I started to feel really dodgy. This week I made myself eat a little bit after the run but I really didn't feel like it.

I really don't know what is causing this. On the run I drink a couple of bottles with Nuun tablets in. I started using them fairly recently and they haven't caused me problems before. Though thinking about it I have changed flavour recently, I would be surprised if it is something as small as that though. My increase in time/distance running has been fairly small so I don't think that should be the cause, it is very odd. I think I might get some more of the other Nuun flavour and see how I go with that.

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