Sunday, 24 August 2008


I have just downloaded my last long run from my Garmin onto my laptop. From the start I wasn't very impressed with the software that came with the Garmin, the clunky interface and horrible maps are horrible. I wouldn't accept it in software I wrote so why should I accept it from someone else? So I have been using SportsTracks to analyse and log my training. For a few minutes after downloading my run I did consider switching to something else though. According to SportsTracks some sections of my run were done at a height of 2,000m. On Clapham Common. What is more, while I was at that height, I managed to reach a speed of 170km/h. Things are looking good for my next race!

Once I downloaded the run into the Garmin Training Centre application I had to apologise to SportsTracks for all the names I had been calling it. Training Centre was reporting the same thing, so it must have been GPS problems during the run. Strangely it just seems to have been a problem around the common, for the rest of the run I was at ground level and following the road. During my laps of the park I apparently made a couple of 2,000m climbs and descents while whizzing all over Clapham at high speed. Quite why everything was so wrong for this run I don't know, I can look back at previous tracks for the same route and see perfect laps around the park. Obviously it is some sort of conspiracy, someone messing with the GPS signal to disrupt my training before the next big race. You would be amazed how seriously some people take the Langport Triathlon.

Apart from that nothing much to report. I had another nice swim at Weymouth on Friday. Lots of the guys are starting to taper for Ironman UK in a couple of weeks. I will, of course, be there but I am not sure I need to taper and peak for wetsuit stripping and bike racking duties. Maybe I will have to taper next year though as I am trying to convince my wife that an Ironman is a perfectly sensible and productive use of my time.

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