Thursday, 16 October 2008

Running Improvement

It seems I may need to revise my theory from last week. At the very least it would appear that Led Zeppelin are not the only band with the power to improve my running. It seems the Arctic Monkeys do as well. My long run this week was longer and faster paced than last week, yet my heart rate was significantly lower than in previous weeks.

On the other hand, it could just be that my running and fitness have improved. It seems strange to me because the improvement has occurred in a step rather than a slow gradual change. However it does tie in with other things. My long runs don't seem to take half as much out of me as they did. Only a month ago at the end of a 2+ hour run I felt completely drained. After my long run last night I felt tired, certainly, and I am not suggesting I felt like doing it all again but I felt like I could if I needed to. I felt far stronger at the end of the run than I have done previously. My pace and heart rate are staying far more constant during the run as well.

Maybe, just maybe, I am starting to get the hang of this running business. I know I still have a long way to go with my running, not to mention the other two sports, and there are still great improvements to be made but I really do feel I am starting to make solid progress.

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Seamus Nugent said...

I travelled from Ireland for Ironman UK this year.

There were many reasons why I chose Sherborne. It is the closest IM to me in terms of travel and being similar to Irish climate/food etc. I had also heard that Sherborne was a warm and friendly place and that the event was a tough one.

The group of 6 that travelled thoroughly enjoyed our visit, the extremely warm hospitality afforded us and the nature of the town and people were second to none
It is a pity if the IM were to be moved from Sherborne. It is also sad to see a complaint from Revel Fishery. The complaint is the only one I’ve seen or heard and all the local people and businesses that I spoke with were more than happy to have an event such as IM in their area.

Having seen the race now on Channel 4, I am sure that many people who have never heard of the area will want to visit. This can only be good for the area in the long term after such widespread coverage.

Revels Fishery has complained on a couple of blogs/sites. There are inconsistencies in the amounts of money that they claim they are losing. Some places say 5k and some more say 6k. I would prefer to see the complainants do something positive and turn the IM weekend in to a money spinner. Use your initiative. Set up a stand with the help of the organisers. Sell your food, cooked or otherwise to the many people who were gathered there for the weekend. Get up off your backside and stop complaining. Get involved, enjoy the event, be part of the local community.

What is consistent about their complaint is the appaling use of the English language, spelling and grammar used. It is hard to believe somebody like this can survive in business.

They also seem to have a big thorn in their side with the organisers, the local people, the police, the charity. To be honest they seem to have a problem with just about everything and everybody connected with IM UK.

It would be a pity for all the people in the area who warmly embraced IM UK if it were to be moved. The real losers would be the townspeople, the competitors, supporters. Sherborne and IM UK seem to be ideally suited to each other from what I could see. The people we stayed with were warm, friendly, enthusiastic, helpful and very hospitable. I cannot praise enough all the other people we encountered during our stay, which incidentally lasted a week.

Revel Fishery have made a very serious allegation about organisers lining their pockets with money raised for charity. The organisers should take them to task over such comments. This shows the miserable nature of the complainers.

As regards holding the event in November / December, this would be totally out of the question. Despite the event being Ironman, the season is well ended by this time and indeed is a wetsuit mandatory event in September. The lake would indeed be far too cold to swim in. Indeed the temperatures on the bike course this year were just about bearable!

The spokesperson for Revels Fishery is a narrow minded person who just wants to ruin the event for everybody. Instead of getting involved and turning it into a money making event for himself, he would rather sit in his local pub and moan about how it affects him.

I hope that IM UK will be Sherborne next year. Nonetheless I will be entering and competing no matter where in the UK it is held. Unlike the Revels Fishery people, I wont let a bit of distance or inconvenience stop me.

I would like to know how other people feel about this.