Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Led Zeppelin

This evening I went for my normal Wednesday long slow distance run. Recently I have stopped using my hear rate monitor to set targets for this run. Instead I just run to a rate of perceived exertion and listen to my iPod rather than my Garmin bleeping at me. However I still wear my Garmin so I can track the run and look at the figures from it afterwards. This evenings run produced some unexpected results for my heart rate.

My average pace was slightly slower than last week, but only by about 12 seconds per kilometer. That is only a tiny percentage of the time I take to run that kilometer is isn't very significant. However my average heart rate was 12bpm lower than last week or just about any other run I have ever done. I know there are various things that can cause your heart rate to be different but most of them would cause it to be elevated or for performance to drop off, neither of which really apply in this case.

Most of the variables seem that could affect my heart rate seem to be the same as any other run, so all I can put it down to is listening to Led Zeppelin on the iPod. I may have to include them in all my future training sessions.

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