Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Achilles Problems

It seems my Achilles problem has not sorted itself out yet. My long run last week was cut short due when I started to get a bad pain down the back of my ankle. Since then I haven't run at all. It even caused me problems when I went swimming as pushing off the wall was very painful.

Long run day came round again today and as my ankle was feeling OK I decided to give it a go. First up was the short run into work in the morning, a nice, flat 6km. From the moment I set off I knew that my ankle did not feel right. It was not painful, but it felt stiff and generally wrong. I was hoping that as I got warmed up it would loosen off but by the time I got to work it was, if anything, slightly worse. It was nowhere near as bad as last week but I was glad I did not have to go any further.

This evening rather than take the long way home and do the expected 25km run I just came straight home. The ankle was still not too bad for the run home but I am now icing it and resting up. Looks like it is going to be another week of swimming and cycling as running is off the agenda.


Karen said...

What shoes are you wearing? I had a problem like that when I was on New Balance for a while.... probably not related.

Hope you recover ok!! Sounds like you're taking care of it at least!

MikeyB said...

I am wearing Asics at the moment. My current pair are 10 months old and haven't given me any problems before, so I don't think the shoes are a problem in that way. Possibly they are due for replacement though. Seems like a good excuse to me.