Monday, 10 November 2008

Bug Free

It has been over two weeks since my wife started showing symptoms of mumps and I remain free of unwanted swellings so I believe I must be bug free. Well as bug free as it is possible for a Software Engineer to be.

Even though I have not been unwell my training for the past few weeks has not been what it should. This is more my fault than anyone else's though. Work has been very busy, the weather has been horrible and it has been really difficult to get out at the weekends. My running was going reasonably well until last week when I injured my ankle. On my long run day I ran into work as normal without any problems. In fact my short run into work was one of the fastest times I have ever managed over that route. Possibly I was pushing it too hard.

In the evening I set off for my long run and could feel a bit of a niggle at the back of my left ankle. Being a stubborn, stupid man rather than stop and go home I kept on running. The further I went the more painful my achilles tendon became. Part of the way round my second lap of Clapham Common I decided enough was enough and it was time to go home. Getting home meant running though so it was another thirty minutes before I could stop.

The rest of the evening was spent iceing my ankle and grumbling. In an uncharacteristic period of sense I took a few days off and everything seems fine now. Tomorrow long run day comes around again and that will be the proof of whether I really am fixed or not.

On another topic, I received an email from the Ironman UK team a recently saying they are still trying to finalise details for 2009 and they hope to announce something soon. It would be nice to know when and where the race is going to be. It is my target for next year and I still don't know where or when it is going to be.

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