Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Great Run

Wow, what a great run. Today is long run day and I think someone must have slipped something into my tea.

I am trying to get back on top of my swimming so I got up and went to the pool before work. It was mainly a drills session, I am still using the Swim Smooth workouts, and was OK but nothing special. The sections where I was breathing every seven strokes were not much fun but I didn't drown. Then it was a gentle half-hour run into work.

It was during my day in the office that someone must have put something into my tea. Whatever it was can't be legal because on my long run home I was absolutely flying. It took me a while to notice that I was going so well as I just kept pottering along but as I started my third lap of Clapham Common I realised that I didn't feel at all tired. In fact I felt really strong so I started to push on a bit harder. It is often at this point in my run that I start to suffer but I felt really good all the way back to the flat. Last week it was a real struggle to keep going at the finish, this week I had to do an extra little loop at the end of the run to push me over the two hour mark.

The end result was that I did 23.7km in 2:02:16, an average pace of 5:09 min/km. Not earth shattering, I know, and I am certain that Stephen Bayliss is not concerned about his Ironman UK title just yet. However, for me that was a very good pace and as I sit here writing this I don't feel at all sore, which is very unusual, actually unheard of, after my long run.

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