Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Five Days to Go

How did that happen? All of a sudden there is only five days until the Ironman. For months it has seemed like the big day was ages away then in a flash there is less than a week to go before my race in Bolton.

Last week end was spent rushing around in a panic making sure I had everything I needed. I have also organised my items for the transition bags into separate piles so I hopefully won’t forget anything when I register and rack my stuff on Saturday.

Although I am really nervous about the race I am also looking forward to getting this week out of the way and getting on with it. The last couple of weeks have been very busy and stressful work-wise, which is not the best preparation. But at 5:00pm on Friday I will logoff for two weeks. Saturday morning I will be up bright and early for the drive to Bolton, Alice has already told me not to be late for registration as she won’t keep it open for me. Thanks mate! Then Sunday is the big day.

For now I need to rest and, if my nerves let me, sleep.

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