Thursday, 1 July 2010


Last year during training for the Ironman I picked up a bit of a problem. Being a man I of course ignored it and carried on regardless. After the end of the season I rested, ate pies and hoped it would miraculously get better.

It would appear that hernias do not work like that.

So last week I had keyhole surgery on an inguinal hernia. According to the surgeon this is a minor, routine operation. It might be minor when it is happening to someone else but if it involves putting me to sleep and cutting holes in me I count it as major.

Everything went fine and I am healing nicely. I have been told no exercise for four weeks and then start gently. Five weeks from now I go on holiday though, so I am planning to do nothing until I get back from Brunei. Then I need to start slowly and build myself back up again.

One thing I need to decide on is my goals for next year, this year is pretty much a write-off. I want to do another Ironman at some point but I don't think next year is the right time. Due to cost and time constraints I am limited in the number of Ironman races I can do. If I do another one I want to be in a position to improve on my time from the last one. Next year that will not be the case so I think I will put it off until at least 2012. But I need something to target or I will not be able to get myself motivated, the question is what.

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Karen said...

So wait... you did an Ironman with a hernia!! Blinkin hell!

Get better soon and enjoy the holiday!