Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Taking the Rough with the Smooth

The Rough
I am back from my holiday in Brunei and trying to get back into the training groove. Sadly, my time off from regular training has had the expected effect. My fitness level is terrible. It is depressing comparing it to twelve months ago. My 8k run last week took forever and was actually a struggle to complete. It took me just as long this week, though at least this time I wasn't tempted to stop at any point.

It is just the way it goes, I know. Not training, eating too much and drinking too much are not going to have a good effect. All I need to do is HTFU and get on with it. If I can get back into a regular pattern of training over the winter I will be ready to race again next summer.

The (very) Smooth
One disruption that I am going to have to my training is that I am changing jobs. In general, I make a point of not posting anything on here about work but this change is going to have a serious effect on my training schedule and in fact my life in general.

For the past four years I have been working in London while living in Somerset. This meant that I stayed in London during the week and only got home to my family at weekends. Well in four weeks time I will be starting my new job, based in an office in Somerset only 40 minutes from home. This is very, very, very good!

Of course, weekday training will now need to be fitted in around the family, which is how it will affect me in triathlon mode. But in father, husband and general quality of life mode everything is looking good.

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