Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Moving (a bit)

Things have been a bit hectic recently. Actually things are hectic most of the time but the last couple of weeks has been especially so. I have been renting a room off my sister-in-law during the week while I work in London. Rather selfishly she has decided to sell her house and go travelling. So I have had to find a new place to stay during the week.

I have found a reasonable place to stay and am slowly settling in. I have broadband access but can't send emails at the moment. Stupid ISP blocking me from attaching to the SMTP server provided by my ISP at home. Looks like I may have to try a relay service, like, so I can send mails wherever I happen to be. Apologies for the geek moment there.

On the plus side the new place is right in London and only 20 minutes by bike from work. This is much better than the bike, train, bike commute from Basingstoke everyday. There is also a swimming pool 2 minutes walk away so I have no excuses for not working on my swimming stroke. Finding somewhere to go for a decent ride could be hard though as the traffic is terrible.

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